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As I look out onto the soft blue of Hilo Bay from my Bay front office, I am filled with anticipation and satisfaction at the prospect of serving new cohort of counseling students this fall. The very prospect of reopening the Academy’s doors to face-to-face students has met with enthusiasm and promise. Before advertising, two very qualified candidates have already stepped forward; eager to get head starts on their counseling careers by taking half of the PAHA course work online prior to the September 14, 2014 orientation day. I am now deeply involved in updating and refining the curriculum to reflect changes to the Fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistician Manual of mental Disorders (DSM-V), as well as current addictions trends, including the rise of designer drugs and prescription medication abuse, legalization of recreational cannabis in some states, and FDA approval of Naltrexone pens to reverse opiate overdoses. With much to learn and more to teach, I feel humbled to be in a position to  make the island of Hawaii a better place. In just a few short months, I will relish the privilege of standing before a group of eager, open minded counseling students; together we will aspire to change the world or, at least, our small island home.


  1. Aloha
    So I am very interested in enrolling in your
    Face to face classes and online
    I really wish to talk someone
    I can’t find a number or address
    I was concidering taking classes online
    Again I can’t find a phone number or address
    Please share with me
    Is this class Hawaii approved ?
    How long is the course?
    I was thinking of paying for the whole package
    How long is each subject?
    Anyways this is my third E-Mail
    Hopefully some one will response to this

  2. Hi Annie,
    I’m sorry that you’ve tried to contact us a few times through our website. This is the first comment that has come through to us from you. I do not believe Elizabeth is doing any new face-to-face classes at this time, but you can fill out the form on this page to put your name on a list and we will notify you of any new schedule announcements:

    Also, you can learn more about our online academy here:

    PAHA Department of On-line Programs

  3. Aloha Ann,

    I am starting new face to face classes in May. Please LMK if you are still interested.

    O au me ka ha`a ha`a (I am humbly yours),

    Elizabeth Bush, MSN, APRN, CARN-AP, CSAC, CCDP-D
    Board Certified Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse (NP and CNS)
    Certified Addiction Registered Nurse, Advanced Practice
    Certified Substance Abuse Counselor
    Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional-Diplomate

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