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On-line Addictions Course in Relapse Prevention

The course that is being presented this week in our face-to-face Substance Abuse Counselor Training at PAHA is “Understanding Relapse Prevention“. This is a 6-hour course that is also available at our on-line training center anytime at http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com which covers the topic of Relapse Prevention with a specific substance abuse focus for Nurses, Counselors, and other Health Professionals.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  1. Introduction to Relapse and Relapse Prevention
  2. Relapse Prevention Therapy
  3. Gorski and Miller’s Relapse Process Steps
  4. Development of a Substance-Free Lifestyle
  5. Identification and Fulfillment of Needs
  6. Relapse Prevention and Co-Occurring Disorders
  7. Substance Abuse Management Module (SAMM)
  8. Summary of RPT Strategies for Clients with COD

To enroll in this course on-line please visit http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com. For more information about our face-to-face courses, please see our schedule at: http://addictionsprofessional.com/csac-certification/our-schedule


  1. Diane Seth says:

    I really enjoyed this class. Interesting and powerful information pertaining to relapse. I really poured over this material with the benefit of gaining insight into some of my own recovery issues.

  2. Andy Maycen says:

    I echo Diane’s comments. Wish I had learned some of this stuff early on in my own recovery…better late than never. Seems the more I learn about this stuff and being of service to others the more I learn about myself!

  3. Michelle Richter says:

    Great information, we really need “Double Trouble meetings” established in the community. Especially if people in our community and on the island aren’t able to get the adequet help they need through certain agencies because of budget cuts. At least they could get connected and help get them some much needed support.

    So, I have only 1 issue, when asked “which of the following are NOT triggers that may lead to relapse” I choose: “Relaxation, physical activity and good nutrition” (which was very helpful for me when I ended my substance abuse career as a teen) and “Daily scheduling and life style that supports recovery”. I got this question wrong?!. That’s GOT to be a computer error, right?!

  4. Stacy Dela Cruz says:

    Unfortunately,I was not able to attend this face to face class.Because I had gotten in between my dogs and got bitten.Elizabeth ,however explained to me the questions I had in mind,and answered all.I found that module to be very intresting and don’t want to miss anymore,face to face classes.
    Having an interesting Instructor helping you understands these modules makes it easier.

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