Understanding Violence and Self-Harm for the Addictions Professional

The new addictions course that is available on-line this week at PAHA is Understanding Violence and Self-Harm. This is a 6-hour course that is available at our on-line training center anytime at http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com which covers the topic of violence and self-harm with a specific substance abuse focus for Nurses, Counselors, and other Health Professionals.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  1. Overview of Violence including the Neurobiology of Anger and Aggression
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. Domestic Violence and Alcohol and Drug Use
  4. Victims of Domestic Abuse including Children
  5. Safety, Barriers, and Motivating Factors to leaving Violent Relationships
  6. Victimization and Substance Use
  7. Child Abuse
  8. Crisis Assessment and Intervention
  9. Suicide including Youth and Elderly Suicide
  10. Survivors of Suicide

To enroll in this course on-line please visit http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com. For more information about our face-to-face courses, please see our schedule at: http://addictionsprofessional.com/csac-certification/our-schedule


  1. Michelle Richter says

    Thank you for holding off on this class until after the holidays. I was anxious to just get the classes done but I’m glad I was forced to wait. The statistics surrounding DV, child abuse and suicide made me cry. If children were nurtured and taught empathy from the beginning, it’s hard for me to believe that there would be so much domestic violence and suicide in the world. Being a 1st time mother and relizing that I haven’t hardly met any other parents who don’t hit their kids is so sad to me. What makes a person think that hitting a child could have any long term benefits? It sets the stage for violence and makes no sense to me.

  2. Pala`ela`ehoku Alapai says

    This topic is always a sensitive spot with me. Any form of abuse on anyone, especially children or elderly, hurts my heart. It’s sad to know that although we as a human race have “evolved,” we still continue to demonstrate barbaric traits.

  3. Yes; I have yet to get my head around violence, in spite of being battered while still in the womb. The day we collectively stand up it in all forms is the day it will get written put the genetic code. Look into Gandhi, H.D. Thoreau and and Rev. ML King’s work on non-violence (“Ahimsa”). Ahimsa is far from passivity. It is the strongest force in the universe. One could successfully make the argument that the CSAC education from PAHA is, in fact, a tangible, living act of Ahimsa or Satyagraha. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satyagraha http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahimsa

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