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The Role of Family and Significant Others in Substance Use Treatment

The new addictions course being offered this week at PAHA is “Introduction to Family Systems for the Addictions Professional”. This is Part 3 of an 18-hour course that is available at our on-line training center anytime at http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com which covers the topic of Family Systems with a specific emphasis on the Role of Family and Significant Others in Substance Use Treatment for Nurses, Counselors, and other Health Professionals.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  1. History of Family Therapy and Substance Use Treatment
  2. The Family Addiction Cycle
  3. The family life cycle and treatment retention
  4. Triangulation
  5. Self-Help Groups for the Addicted Family
  6. Coping Skills Therapy
  7. A Relational Intervention Sequence for Engagement (ARISE)
  8. Pressure to Change
  9. Community Reinforcement Training
  10. Unilateral Family Therapy
  11. Community Reinforcement and Family Training
  12. Types of Family therapy useful in addictions treatment: Family Involved Therapy, Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT), Family Systems Therapy, Structural Techniques, Behavioral Contracting, Solution-Focused Techniques

To enroll in this course on-line please visit http://substanceabusecounselortraining.com. For more information about our face-to-face courses, please see our schedule at: http://addictionsprofessional.com/csac-certification/our-schedule

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