Register for New Classes

Here is the process we need each student to complete to enroll in our CSAC training:

1. Create a login at our online portal:
If you already have a login, you do not need to do this again. If you have forgotten your login, you can find it using your email here: Forgotten Login/Password. If you still have trouble, please contact Steven at and he will have your password reset and sent to you.

2. Review the following PAHA policies and sign the appropriate agreements directly at the online portal (you will need to be logged in):
a. PAHA Hold Harmless PolicySign the Agreement

b. PAHA Substance Abuse PolicySign the Agreement

c. PAHA Confidentiality PolicySign the Agreement

d. PAHA Grievance Policy – No need to sign

3. Purchase the courses or trimester.

If you wish to pay for courses individually you can purchase them directly on the online academy at: You will be enrolled automatically.

Courses are currently offered at 50% OFF the regular tuition price for a limited time. For convenience and guaranteed discounts, courses may purchased in bundles of 4 courses, or 15 courses. See the Tuition Pricing page for details.

Prices are subject to change without notice. If you plan to get certification, you may want to pay in advance for as many classes as possible. When the COVID-19 crisis has passed, tuition fees will return to their regular price.