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All courses represent 6 hours, unless noted.

Below are the courses that we offer through PAHA. If you would like to enroll in any of these courses on-line, please click here to log-in to our online academy where you may select the course you wish to take which will lead you to a Paypal screen for purchase. On the training site you will also find additional information (including course objectives) for each class.

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Courses required by Hawai’i Dept. of Health Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division:
Professional Ethics and Issues for the Addictions Professional Available!
Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including HIV/AIDS Available!
Multicultural Competency: Honoring the Individual Available!
Confidentiality and Privacy, including 42CFR, Part 2 Available!
Introduction to Group Therapies for the Addictions Professional, Part 1 Available!
Introduction to Motivational Enhancement Therapy for the Addictions Professional, Part 1 Available!
Professional and Personal Boundaries and Therapeutic Communication Available!
Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for the Addictions Professional, Part 1 & Part 2 – 12 hours Available!
Introduction to Family Systems Counseling for the Addictions Professional, Part 1 & Part 2 – 12 hours Available!
Understanding Co-morbid Psychiatric & Medical Conditions (The DSM-IV TR courses):
Anxiety Disorders, Trauma and Disorders of Extreme Stress Available!
Mood Disorders Available!
Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders Available!
Personality Disorders and Eating Disorders Available!
Disorders of Childhood and Adolescence Available!
Disorders of the Elderly Available!
Psychopharmacology Available!
Medical Issues in Chemical Dependency Available!
Professional Development and Core Competencies:
Care of the Chemically Impaired: An Overview of the Addictions Process Available!
Crisis Management and Prevention for the Addictions Professional Available!
Case Management for the Addictions Professional Available!
Spirituality and Recovery, Including Twelve Step Programs Available!
Clinical Screening and Assessment for the Addictions Professional: Mental Status Examination, Screening and Evaluation Tools Available!
Report, Record Keeping, and, Defensive Documentation for the Addictions Professional; Referral and Consultation for the Addictions Professional Available!
Understanding Relapse Prevention Available!
Understanding Violence and Self Harm Available!
Client, Family and Community Education for the Addictions Professional Available!
Major Classes of Substances of Abuse
Understanding Alcohol for the Addictions Professional Available!
Understanding Opiates, including Methadone and Prescription Narcotics Available!
Understanding Stimulants, including Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Prescription Stimulants Available!
Understanding Hallucinogenic Drugs, including Cannabis, LSD, Club Drugs, and Psychedelics Available!
Understanding Tobacco and other Nicotine containing substances Available!
Self-Care for the Helping Professional
Guided Imagery, Mindfulness, and Meditation Available!
Stress and Coping, including self care and stress management techniques Available!
Understanding Co-dependency and the Creation of Healthy Relationships Available!
Examination Preparation
Examination Preparation Coming soon…