On-line study ONLY this weekend…. Teacher has a cold and other IMPORTANT updates‏

Aloha my darlings,

I am coming down with a head cold that I think I picked up while touring Puna yesterday. My nose feels like it has a clothes-pin on it and my poor ears are ringing like the Bells of Saint Peter’s.

In the interest of reasonable self care and not spreading communicable disease, I am electing to hold this weekend’s classes on-line. The Codependency and Healthy Relationships module should be posted by tomorrow night.

It is bit complex, due to lots of new Family System’s concepts and terminology, so I will start a blog at https://addictionsprofessional.com/addictions-blog/ so we can talk about these amazing ideas and get used to space age educational communications.

Posting something of substance is a mandatory homework assignment for all students….

Alumni and others are welcome to chime in.

This is good, as I will need to prepare for my big journey across the ocean, to the BIG-BIG Island, including editing and posting the online modules for that period of 12/21/09-1/23/10.

We are planning a Community Outreach, (alcohol) Screening and Education day in Puna on November 20th.

Please contact me for details on how you can have fun in the sun, while earning 6 hours of educational credits towards your CSAC.

Thank you all for being such exceptional students and inspiring human beings. You have given me a lot of hope for the future of this island.

Happy Veterans’ day and Happy Thanksgiving.

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