Crisis Management Course for the Addictions Professional

The course that is being presented this week in our face-to-face Substance Abuse Counselor Training is “Crisis Management for the Addictions Professional”. This is a 6-hour course that is also available at our on-line training center anytime at which covers the topic of crisis management with a specific substance abuse focus for Nurses, Counselors, and other Health Professionals.

Here are the topics covered in this course:

  1. Introduction to Crisis Management
  2. Crisis Management for Special Populations including Sexual Assault Survivors
  3. Anger and Aggressiveness
  4. Organizational (Systems) Crises
  5. Crisis Assessment
  6. Planning and Intervention
  7. Intervention with Special Populations
  8. Anniversary Reactions to Crisis
  9. Outcome Criteria and Evaluation of the Crisis Survivor

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