Letter from the Director

2012 was a year that tested us all.

  • From the bipolarity of election year politics to a forced awareness of the treacherousness of sidelining mental illness care as a public health priority.
  • The public has vacillated between facing the distresses of a wounded economy and mournful silver linings created by the dreadful crimes that have shone light on our undeniable need for comprehensive and immediate reforms to the delivery of mental health and addictions care the United States.

Looking toward 2013

20132013 promises us updated diagnostic acumen in the long awaited publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM-V), with changes that will challenge the wits of all behavioral health service providers.

  • Likewise, the New Year foretells a broad progression towards wider provision of drastically needed services to those suffering with psychiatric and addiction disorders, driven by the national mandate of Healthcare Reform, as well as the urgency that last year’s violent tragedies have compelled upon us.

PAHA in the New Year

Pacific Academy of the Healing Arts will be updating its curriculum to simply and conveniently reflect the new DSM-V changes to mental and substance use disorders assessment to allow addictions and mental health professionals to stay current with the numerous changes to the art and science of accurate diagnosis.

  • In addition to new offerings on evidence based diagnosis, we will be adding continuing education modules about the latest in addictions trends, including updates on “designer drugs”, such as ‘Bath Salts’ and ‘Spice’ and the misuse of prescription drugs.
  • Modules on process addictions, such as disordered gambling and spending, Internet addiction and eating disorders will also be made available to reflect the new DSM-V criteria.
  • Pacific Academy of the Healing Arts is meeting the challenges of 2013 and beyond by offering specially discounted continuing education packages for substance abuse counseling credential recertification, the latest in addictions trends, and updated diagnosis modules.
  • Finally, we are planning to expand our website to provide specifically tailored modules for addictions professional examination preparation.
    • This will allow candidates for the ICRC examinations to review and self test their knowledge base from the comfort of their homes and offices.

We hope these worthy projects will enable and encourage more caring professionals to specialize in the expert treatment of addictions.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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