Spirituality and Recovery Course for the Addictions Professional February Sale

spiritualityWe are offering a second course at a 30% discount during the month of February: “Spirituality and Recovery, Including 12-Step Programs”.

This course would be a wonderful addition to your recertification requirements or your initial certification as an addictions professional. Please take advantage of this special sale.

If you are looking for a larger package of classes, please check out our Recertification Package or Certification Package for the Addictions Professional.

Click here to enroll today in “Spirituality and Recovery, Including 12-Step Programs”

Here is a little more about “Spirituality and Recovery, Including 12-Step Programs”:

  • This is a six hour course aimed at providing an introduction to Theories of Spirituality and Recovery, Including Twelve-Step programs
  • The course is approved by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) and the Hawaii Dept of Health ADAD.
  • In addition to covering major theories of spirituality and recovery, it addresses the underlying neurobiology of spiritual practice in recovery, as applies to professional self-care and the provision of care for chemically- impaired individuals and Spiritual techniques, such as the 12 steps, that can be applied in private and professional settings.
  • It includes material germane to appropriate assessments, interventions, professionalism, and supportive measures such as case management and client education for the professional who is caring for the chemically impaired individual.
  • After you enroll in the online course, you can complete it whenever you are ready, on your own timeline.

If you haven’t already, please check out our Professional Ethics course, also discounted 30% for the month of February!

Click here to enroll today in “Spirituality and Recovery, Including 12-Step Programs”

Please help spread the word to other addictions professionals who could also benefit from this special sale.

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