FREE Online Course: Understanding Alcohol

alcoholWe are currently offering FREE enrollment in the course “Understanding Alcohol for the Addictions Professional” for NEW registered users on our site. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to get to know our courses and our academy a little better.

Here’s an overview of what you will learn from our “Understanding Alcohol” course:

1. Signs and symptoms of Alcohol dependence and withdrawal disorders;
2. Health consequences of Alcohol use and withdrawal;
3. Appropriate assessments, interventions, professionalism, and supportive measures such as case management and client education for the professional who is caring for the chemically impaired individual;
4. The underlying neurobiology of Alcohol dependence and withdrawal disorders, as applies to professional self-care and the provision of care for chemically-impaired individuals;
5. Evidence based interventions that can be applied in private and professional settings.

This course is a $75 value and includes a certificate for 6-hours of “Verified Home Study”, perfect to add to your certification or re-certification requirements.

The course will be available until May 31st. If you download your certificate before April 30th, you will have the opportunity to grab a second course at 50% off.

Click here to sign up for the free addictions course.


  1. Donna Cantrell says

    I thought it was free?

  2. It is no longer free. We change courses regularly and this one is expired. Our apologies. We are updating the website.

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