Fall Trimester Classes Starting September 2015

csacPacific Academy of the Healing Arts is pleased to announce that 45 six hour classes leading to CSAC certification will be offered beginning this month!

Each trimester will be a combination of face-to-face courses and online courses, preparing our students for CSAC Certification in the State of Hawaii.

If you have not applied for the trimester, you must have instructor approval before beginning. Fill out the form on this page.

Here is the 2015-2016 CSAC class schedule, including home study: PAHA CSAC Class Schedule 2015-2016 — 50% may be taken online and still meet ADAD’s standards. All coursework will reflect the new DSM-V DX criteria.

If you have already applied and been given approval by our course instructor to join our 2015-2016 classes, please visit this link for information about how to register: Register for New Classes. You must pay for each course in advance. If you wish to receive 20% off your courses you may purchase an entire trimester.

Please download all course material for each course before showing up to class. All exams will be completed online.

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